GISS Madrid has a resident program that lasts from between 1 month and 10 months.

We conduct daily Academy sessions all month of the year excluding the month of June. Sundays are a day off for residents to watch matches or to compete with club games if also signed to a club.

Both a Academy program and Summer Camp are invitation only opportunities for talented footballers to travel to Spain in the quest to become Professional Footballers. Summer Camp commences on the 1st or the 15th of July and runs until August 31st. From September, the program continues as the off-peak year-round program. The Summer camp is an intensive month by month program with daily technical training sessions and strength and conditioning exercises, regular games and skill development. It is a full time residency program as such. Summer Camp provides regular scheduled games to assess the talent of the candidates as well as inviting scouts regularly to watch the daily training sessions. Once the student is ready, the coach will offer them up to trials, so this really depends on the attitude, skills, fitness and resolve of each participant.

The word 'Camp' is not as you would expect in the school environment where there is entertainment accommodated by school staff 24/7, this is an elite football training environment with participants coming and going regularly and with residents staying in a very comfortable Villa as a group. Summer Camp is a term used to describe the peak summer period of the GISS Academy, where due to the peak demand, Spain (and Europe in general) is very busy and is more expensive a time of year to travel and stay. GISS Summer Camp encourages the boys to become self-reliant and to develop independent skills to entertain themselves when not engaged in the activity of playing soccer. Summer camp intakes commence on 1st July, 15th July, 1st August or 15th August. Approx. 25-30 players begin to enter the Summer Camp program from 1st to 15th July, however some years it starts with a handful of new participants and builds up over a period of weeks to maximum occupancy, as many players enjoy a mid-year vacation over a few weeks with their families.

The Academy does not close over Christmas, save for the standard public holidays.

If the resident is over 18 they can just ask the staff for permission to travel. If the participant is under 18 they need a letter from parents stating authority to travel. Staff can still not let participants go if the travel request is not seen as appropriate.


Academy participation is a BY-INVITATION process and coming out to a GISS trial is your best way to be identified as a player who is suited for a placement in the Madrid Academy. The Australian ID Trial Program is held twice per year throughout Australia. Australian Trials are anticipated to be held in the December 2018 school holidays leading up to Christmas. Trials are planned for Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Newcastle and Brisbane. As well as direct trials, GISS scouts from around the world work every day to identify players throughout Australia. National or State representation in soccer generally allows players to meet the GISS entry criteria. For other players, a detailed football CV is often required and an assessment will be made on a case by case basis.

If you are aged between 15 and 21 & feel you have what it takes to be considered for the Academy; you can demonstrate a record of playing at National, State, NPL or SL1 Level (non-amateur) with a current footballing CV showing your achievements and would be able to supply a coaches endorsement if requested, you are welcome to contact us to discuss what is required to be eligible for a GISS Academy offer. We also receive recommendations for Academy placements from player coaches and trainers which we give due respect & consideration to. We may request a letter from your coach or football mentor to state that you fit the criteria listed above.


All pages are required plus a copy of your passport or if you do not have a current passport, your Medicare number.

Participants are expected to arrive/depart on the 1st or 15th of every month, unless on a tour where the dates will be set. Outside of these dates, participants will be required to make their own transfer to/from the training venue or pay an additional fee to be transferred by a staff member (if available) at the cost stated on the Info booklet. If a complementary transfer is not possible, a driver will be sent to collect you from the airport which will cost approximately 50 EURO, taking you to the Leganes Villa where you will check in to the Academy program.

One month Academy program placements are possible with the GISS program. Some players choose to attend the program during the summer breaks and stay a minimum of one month, however most players seeking a career pathway choose to stay three months with other still choosing to stay an entire season, allowing them to fully prepare for a transition into a club after trials.

The cut-off date to receive applications to attend the GISS Academy is normally 4 weeks following the last GISS trial held in the country that you live in. By this time, just the GISS Residency Documentation and a copy of the passport is required; or if you do not have a current passport, your Medicare number. The remaining documents may be forwarded to GISS later; the same applies for payment confirmation if you are not the recipient of a scholarship.


All GISS programs (excluding the Academy only option) include daily training sessions (up to 10 months), accommodation in the GISS Villa along with full playing kit & WIFI internet access in the Villa. During weekdays, all meals are provided at the Villa and Breakfast is also provided 7 days a week. The Villa has its own pool which makes it perfect for recreational use in the warmer months.

Whilst there is some flexibility with the color of socks worn, generally speaking, you are required to bring two pairs of long navy blue socks; the remaining uniform will be supplied following your arrival.

Yes. Both the gym and the synthetic pitch may be used when it is otherwise not booked with other groups or events. Permission can readily be obtained from a GISS Coach or Manager.

Players train daily with GISS and affiliate clubs in Spain with morning or afternoon sessions. Sunday is a rest day for players (unless they are a registered club player) and players have the opportunity to watch other teams play and on occasion watch LA Liga matches or participate on excursions in the region.

Friendly games are played every week against GISS partner clubs and many other LA Liga teams

The training and educational activities generally take place in the facilities of CD Leganes at the Estadio Municipal Butarque Stadium, Calle Arquitectura, s/n, 28914, 28918 Leganes, Madrid


Trials are offered to a player when a club scout or a GISS staff member recommends the player for trials. A player may also be singled out by a visiting scout at one of the friendly matches. Some players require more time to develop and stays in the GISS residential program vary from player to player. The Director and the Head Scout are regularly sent player criteria for suitable player(s) by the coaches for a set position, so they can carefully select suitable players from his own pool of players to send to trial.

With a network across Europe and strong relationships with many professional clubs at all levels in the continent, most notably Leganes, Alaves, Valencia, Getafe, Juventus, Inter, Genoa, Torino, Novara, Savona, and many more, GISS has opportunities to place players in these different teams. Trials are not usually a one-off audition but involve training and playing with a team over days and at times several weeks to assess skills and also psychological compatibility. Players may have to travel to the trials on their own, particularly if the trials are not local but direction is provided regarding travel arrangements and procedure. Most of the trials will come from the GISS showcase tours or from players participating in the Academy. From there it is infinitely easier to travel to the other clubs

To see a full range of clubs that GISS has placed players into in recent years please request a copy of the GISS Club Placement - Australian Players sheet

Club placements are made on a trial and on a merit based system. There is no guarantee. Some footballers take a few weeks, others a few months and other still do not have what it takes to win the chance to trial at all. It is all up to each participant and how much work they are willing to put in to it. If a participant has what it takes to impress the club agents, he will succeed


Academics may be added to the program through the GISS education partner. GISS recommends contacting Universidad San Pablo (CEU) for further information related to course enrolments on Tel: +34 91 514 01 05 or through the website:

The CEU - Universidad San Pablo program cost is approximately € 3,500 for 10 months plus the Student Visa


Definitely not. The very first step is to complete the Residency Pack (8 pages), and then to email this document to [email protected] along with a copy of your Passport (or Medicare number if you have no current Passport) prior to doing anything else as your requested start date needs to be approved and scheduled first. After submitting this GISS residency application request form & upon receiving confirmation of acceptance into the GISS Residency Program, you may thereafter send copies of other documents including:


  • Medical release "fit to play" letter from GP/Doctor.
  • Travel Insurance Certificate (Check it does not exclude professional sport such as Soccer/Football)
  • Copy of Travel Itinerary
  • Copy of your payment receipt - once you have received an invoice from GISS.


ALL additional documents should be emailed to [email protected]

arrive/depart on the 1st or 15th of every month. Therefore the 15th of the month is perfectly acceptable for commencement - the anniversary month will roll over on the 15th of each month thereafter if additional time is required

We still require an application to reserve a position for future intakes, normally within four weeks of the GISS ID trials held in your region. Positions cannot be held in GISS without a formal application being first approved for the program, however payment is not required immediately. To apply for a placement in the future, the Residency Application form and a copy of your passport is all that is initially required, other documentation (travel itinerary, insurance & medical) can be arranged closer to your commencement date, including the final instalment of your program payment. Once GISS has received your application we can confirm whether the request has been  approved for the future date without the need for an additional trial

For ID Trial participants, the window for all applications to be received is normally 4 weeks after trials even if it is for a placement up to 6 months in the future. This assists the GISS team to schedule programming, accommodation and coaching resources along with forecasts for the coming terms


A valid passport is required to travel to Spain. Whilst not mandatory, if you have a European Passport this can expedite entry

A Visa is dependent to the passport held by each student. For the Summer Camp, a tourist Visa will generally suffice

Spain, as a member of the Schengen States, does not require Australians citizens travelling to Spain as tourists to obtain a visa prior to arrival. On arrival from a non-Schengen state Australian citizens will be issued with a short period visa, or the common 'Schengen Visa', which permits a maximum stay of 90 days over a six month period within the Schengen State area (that is, 90 days over six months in the entire Schengen State area, and not in each individual Schengen state). The Schengen States are: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland

If a longer stay is required a student visa may be obtained. GISS will be able to prepare the necessary letter of invitation to facilitate this Visa application. Visit:


GISS Academy package does not include the cost of travel to and from Spain

For Airline reservations, GISS recommend STA Travel Hotline on 08 8223 2426. This company is the only travel agent known of who can arrange a fully flexible return date under a $49 (Single Change) /$99 (Multi Changes) /$149 (Unlimited Change) Flexipack - ideal for the elite footballer who may be asked to trial for European clubs at any time. Additionally, special student pricing on airfares are available. Mention "GISS" to receive a $50 credit towards your best-price guarantee travel quote, which effectively pays for the Single Change Flexipack. Furthermore, chat with STA Travel about their recommended Insurance Policy which specifically includes "Soccer" as an approved sport extending coverage for injury necessitating medical intervention to activities relating to this sport

Monthly academy intakes will start typically as a group of players coming from various cities and arriving at nominated transit point on a specific date. This process is professionally managed by STA Travel, with participants arriving in Spain on the 1st or the 15th of the month and wherever possible departing on the same dates from Spain

GISS Academy sees participants travelling to Spain from a myriad of countries throughout the world, and only a select number of participants. GISS representatives generally do not accompany participants on flights to Spain. Young Passenger: A "young passenger" is a minor who has reached 12, but not yet 18 years of age at the time of their flight, and who travels without any company. These passengers pay the full adult fare. Bear in mind that some airlines do not allow minors travelling alone on their flights. Before making a booking, please contact the travel agent and/or airline to verify if it is allowed. If your booking includes more than one stretch, all carriers involved must allow minors travelling alone. Once you have verified this information with the travel agent and/or airline, the travel agent and/or airline will be able to assist with an "unaccompanied minor service" that will ensure the minor is assisted with their international airport transfers as required

Yes. GISS Travel Agency Partner, STA Travel attempt to group participants together so that they don't have to travel solo, merging wherever possible together as a group of individual travelers from a nominal departure point on a specific date. STA Travel can be contacted on 08 8223 2426

Typically in the GISS Academy Villa, participants stay in group dormitory accommodation. Accommodation is included in the price of the GISS Residency program by not the Academy-only program


There is no set amount for spending money. Some find approx EURO50 per week seems to be the norm to allow for phone cards, bus passes and entertainment, others more or less. During weekdays, all meals are provided at the Villa and Breakfast is also provided 7 days a week. On the weekends boys staying at the Villa generally arrange their own lunches and dinner, as they like to travel to the local shopping malls and outlets and have lunch and dinner


Parents may of course travel fully independently with the either separately or with the group of travelers en-route to and from Spain

Yes - if parents are accompanying their son to Spain and would like their son to stay with them, an Academy only package is a natural choice for their son's Academy program participation in Spain

Parents are welcome to watch the daily training sessions and will have the chance to get to meet other parents from all around the world as well throughout the term of the Academy. Parents are also welcome to travel to any of the games and events that the GISS Academy facilitates, however the transport and accommodation arrangements for parents must be fully independent

GISS recommends for extremely cheap and reliable rental cars in Spain which start from as low as 5 Euro per day for brand new vehicles. 3-5 star hotels around Madrid or even Airbnb is another alternative for accommodation - both offer great value in Spain, for more information visit:

Once connected to airport WIFI, the best way to keep in touch with friends and family is through WhatsApp (SMS) or Microsoft Messenger (generally clearer phone calls than WhatsApp). Both are free and work with free airport WIFI or with a sim card with data. For each Academy intake a group app on WhatsApp is set up once all applications for participation have been processed, providing parents with a great way to keep in touch with their sons throughout their Academy experience in Spain

Purchasing a month by month sim card is the way to go. We recommend Llamaya Movil. For approx. 5 euro you can pick up a sim card from the airport upon arrival or once you arrive in Leganes. A 20GB card RECHARGE will cost approx. 30.00 euros. The BONO pack (for example) includes 500 mins local calls and 100 SMS's. This will amount to a saving of approx. AUD$100 p.m. when compared to the roaming options offered by companies such as Vodafone et

The Spain GISS Program appoints a Program Director to address any player or parental concern or query as part of their accountability to the program. This person is appointed at the beginning of the participants stay at the Villa and will be the sole point of contact for all administrative matters relating to the Spain GISS Program. All residents will be provided with the contact point for the Program Director. For consistency, any concerns or queries relating to the Spain program should be addressed to the Spain Program Manager and should not be directed to the Australian staff. This is due to the fact that once the resident commences in the Spain program, the Australian staff are not in an ideal position to respond in an effective manner to a matters that relates to the Spanish program

Please send all exceptional photos or testimonials to [email protected] and we will select various stores to promote to our Facebook and Instagram sites

Firstly, don't start to worry. Its perfectly normal that younger players when first arriving will take a day or so to get over jetlag, adjust to the requirements of living the lifestyle of a professional footballer and getting used to the responsibilities and actions required to live independently in the Villa. The Academy is a global program with talented players coming from right across the world to attend the Program and Australia is only a small source of residents. It's a great cultural experience for an Aussie lad to mix with elite footballers from all walks of life. Sometimes it takes time, especially for younger boys to adjust. The best thing for new arrivals to the GISS Villa to do is "go with the flow". They will need to adjust to not having everything laid out on a platter and living at the Villa is all about football first and foremost. They just need to get on with the task of becoming a professional footballer - they will get used to this quite quickly. This sometimes involves amusing themselves when they would otherwise be sitting around and organising themselves and their time-management in a mature way. This is often the biggest challenge for new recruits, especially for younger participants. Attitude is everything, and resilience is seen as an essential character trait for a professional football player. For most attendees it doesn't matter who else does what or when they come or go, as participants go to the academy to maximize their own experience, more than going there for socializing as such. Having said this, it is undeniable that the GISS program can provide an excellent and enjoyable opportunity to mix with a group of passionate young pro-football aspirants. But the whole point is for participants to take the most if the opportunity to give themselves the best shot to become a professional footballer.

Parents generally find it best to let go and relax once their son has arrived in Spain in order to let the younger players settle in to the professional footballer lifestyle over the course of day or so following their arrival. An over assertive or micro-managed approach from a parent in the initial day or two of their son's arrival, which may simply be a good-natured effort to try to compensate for their son expressing feelings of homesickness, can often with hindsight seem over the top once reports start coming in after a day or so from their newly confident son as to how much they are enjoying themselves once they have given themselves the chance to settle in after making the necessary adjustments to get the most out of the Residency Program and the overall experience.


There is no charge for scholarship winner to attend the Spain based Academy for the term of their scholarship other than the cost of travel to from Spain

No payment advice is required for scholarship winners.

Generally scholarship winners are invited to travel to Spain between the months of Sep-May, avoiding the busiest summer months of July & August


The point of contact for all GISS related matters once the Academy commences will be the appointed GISS  Program Manager. This person is also responsible for meeting the incoming participants at the Madrid airport. The Program Manager collecting the arriving players will be added into a WhatsApp group chat so contact can be made directly upon arrival. WIFI is available in the airport so arriving players can make contact this way with the person picking them up from the Airport

For 3+ month stay student Visa applications, the official contact name and number for GISS Spain is: Daniel Kiparoglou (Program Manager) and his contact email is: [email protected] applicable NIE that may be quoted on the Student Visa Application is Y4991367-j.

The GISS head office address is: Calle Gabriela Mistral 4 3/b Getafe Madrid 28007, Spain

The GISS Villa is located in the suburb of Leganes, 28919 Spain. The exact residential address is not disclosed publicly to maintain the privacy of residents, however this information may be provided upon application.

To accept your offer for a place at the GISS Academy , a GISS Player Residency Pack is required to be completed in order to get started along with a copy of the participant's current passport/s and/or Medicare number if a passport is not yet available. Once approved, the application will require a "Fit to Play" letter from a GP, a copy of a valid Travel insurance policy and a copy of the STA Travel itinerary. Once payment has been made, a copy of payment receipt should also be emailed to [email protected]. For other queries please contact GISS on +61 424 473