Matt Bonasera (first from the right) with GISS director Morris Pagniello, CF Badalona director Ramón Díaz and fellow players Nathaniel Ennis and Donato Fiorenti

The australian player says that spanish football is one of the best in the world

Matt Bonasera is an australian player represented by Genova International who inked a contract with CF Badalona. We spoke with Matt about his experience in Spain so far, but not only about that!

What were your first thoughts when you acknowledged Badalona was looking for you?
When I first found out CF Badalona was looking for me I felt over the moon. I’ve sacrificed so much and worked hard over the years to get a chance like this. It feels great.

What kind of football you think you will find here in this country?
Coming to Spain I was expecting a fast paced, technical game with flair and great passing. The Spanish national team is famous for their passing football.

Is there someone you wanna particulary thank for helping you arrive here?
I’d love to thank my family for giving me support and motivation throughout the years and who have kept me going in hard times. I’d also like to thank Morris and the GISS staff for training and developing me into the player I am today.

Who’s the most inspiring person for you?
For me one of the most inspiring people is Ronaldinho. He represents the story of starting with nothing at all and striving to become the best. Growing up he was one of my favourite footballers and an inspiration.

Is your signing an arrival point or a new beginning for your career?
This signing signifies a new beginning for my career simply because it is my first professional signing. Being in such a professional environment with other professionals has bettered me as footballer and as a person.

What’s your favourite position on the pitch and your distinctive feature as a player?
Personally I don’t have a favourite position on the pitch, anywhere in the outfield is perfect to me, I just love the game. If I had to choose though it would be a wingback position because I love helping and creating in attack and I enjoy commanding and having defensive responsibility.

Do you think you can be helpful for football’s development in your country?
Hopefully in the coming years I can be helpful in the development of Australian football. Football in Australia is improving with each passing year and I would like to help in it’s improvement.