We had a talk with another former GISS player that was signed by Berretti Varese 1910. Enjoy this interview to Dimitrios Dalardha that spoke about past, Varese, italian football and his dreams as a young footballer.

To start, give us a brief presentation of you?
My name is Dimitrios Dalardha. I am currently 17 years old and I was born in Greece. At a young age I moved to Connecticut, USA and started playing football competitively. At 13 years old I started playing for an academy, called Oakwood SC, and that was where I improved the most as a player. While there I was able to experience a high level of football while traveling across the country to play. Other than this, I have played in Greece for first division team, called Asteras Tripolis and I was at GISS for two months

What kind of player are you?
On the pitch I am a center midfielder, although I can also play center back. I like to distribute and posses the ball. Also, I am aggressive and technically good on the ball. I believe that my best trait on the pitch is my vision and I would like to improve on explosiveness.

How has your italian experience been?
So far my Italian experience has been pretty good. At first it was a little difficult getting used to being in a foreign country by myself, but I have been able to adapt to it. Other than this I have enjoyed being able to play football in Europe.

What do you think of Italian football?
I think Italian football is defensive and tactical compared so some of the other leagues in Europe. Most teams play a zone defence and tactically they are hard to breakdown. This is what got Italy the world cup in 2006.

How were your first days in Varese?
My first days in Varese were a little difficult. I did not know anything about the city, I struggled with the language, and I was not playing my best football. I lost some of my confidence, but I had two previous teammates already at Varese who helped me settle in.

What do you aspect for your career from now on?
I expect that my career will go forward and hopefully I can play for a team in a top division of Europe and represent my country.