We continue our series of talks with former GISS players that moved to Berretti Varese 1910. Today is Matthew Bolzonello‘s turn.  Enjoy this little talk we had about his past, present and future career.

To start, give us a brief presentation of you
Hello my name is Matthew Bolzonello, I am 17 years old and I was born in Italy. At the early age of 2 i moved to Australia and that is where my soccer career kicked off. I always had a ball at my feet, whether it was outside or even in the bathroom. While i was in Australia, i trained for 5 years with Genova International School of Soccer and played for Melbourne Phoenix before moving to China, not knowing a word of chinese i got accepted into a team called Nanjing Yoyo Fc. After an amazing 2 year experience there, I moved to Serie B side Empoli Fc for the 2013/14 season, then to Spain to play for  Hercules CF  and after a challenging 3 months of playing for the club, I moved to Italy again to sign for A.C Varese for the 2014/15 season

What kind of player are you? Tell us your best trait on the pitch and where you think you need to improve most?
My position on the pitch is right-back, or right-midfielder. My strengths on the pitch are tackling and my technic, I am also an aggressive player off the ball and I love to go up forward and run at the defenders. Tactically and my strength is where I would need improving.

How has your italian experience been?
My Italian experience so far had its ups and downs, last year at Empoli I was injured for more then half of the season and at the beginning of the season I was facing some problems with home sickness but besides these small problems I’ve been enjoying every little moment of being here in Italy.

What do you think of Italian football?
Italian football is really defensive, they often play out from the back compare to other countries where they just play long balls for the wingers and attackers, Italian football is also very tactical

How were your first days in Varese?
I couldn’t ask for anything better, my team mates were so welcoming and caring!  The staff couldn’t be any better, they got my transfer sorted within the first couple of days. They also make you feel like you are right back at home. Always checking up on us, on and even off the field.

What do you aspect for your career from now on?
My dream would be me playing in the first team of a serie A or Serie B side at the age of 19, i would also love to represent my country in the future of my career as a footballer.